17h30, 17.10.2008 (top)   |   12h30, 18.10.2008 (bottom)

Last Friday, while I was marvelling at the autumn sunset, I decided to enlist the assistance of the elements in using up some mixed ink I had leftover from several days of unsuccessful screenprinting attempts. I more-or-less randomly applied the leftover ink to a sheet of watercolour paper taped to a flat surface on the roof… and then left it out there from 5.30pm on Friday to 5.30pm yesterday. The weather has been pretty changeable in those ninety-six hours ranging from bright (but not warm) sunshine to dark heavy rain, and winds in several different speeds and directions (I think there might have even been a touch of hail). 

The result is something unexpectedly mysterious and archaic looking:


I’m so intrigued by what ‘the elements’ have made of my leftover ink dribbles that I’ve set them to work again on some similar ink dribbles (the diluted leftover leftovers!) and the teabag from the last cuppa I drank…

Have at ’em elements!