Rearing their heads all over Amsterdam…

Whilst on the subject of street art (but nothing to do with skulls!):

Joshua Allen Harris’s inflatable bear is an inspired piece of work. If you haven’t seen it already check it out here – scroll down a bit and be sure to watch the first video! (this link via Camilla). There’s something utterly heartbreaking in the way the bear crumples… it seems to embody everything that’s wrong with man’s exploitation of nature and the environment.

And the Reverse Graffiti Project elevates the form to a new level (and, I guess, would disassociate itself from all painted ‘graffiti vandalism’). From the Reverse Graffiti Project website: “No paint. No defacing. Moose makes his art by cleaning; removing the ills of dirt and pollution by de-defacing- wiping away dirt into large type and shapes, leaving nothing behind but a beautiful work of ‘green art’.” (via The Uppercase Journal)