… not necessarily in that order.

antwerp - genoveva van brabant?antwerp - de val van de opstandige engelen (detail)antwerp - lionantwerp - saintantwerp - demon doorknockerantwerp - de val van de opstandige engelen (detail)

top to bottom:
detail of sculpture by Willem Geefs, ‘Genoveva van Brabant’ 1866  |  detail of painting by Frans Floris de Vriendt, ‘De val van de opstandige engelen’ (The fall of the rebellious angels) 1554  |  ‘tired lion’ architectural detail  |  saint?, ‘rescued’ church statue in ‘Het Elfde Gebod’ bar  |  demonic doorknocker  |  another detail from ‘De val van de opstandige engelen’ (the first sculpture & this painting are part of the collection of the Koninklijk Museum voor Schone Kunsten Antwerpen – well worth a visit if you’re ever passing through Antwerp. And they allow no-flash photography… which is nice!)


I was struck by the colour similarities in these photos. A subdued hot ‘n cold earthiness…

I arrived at this palette by simply applying Photoshop’s Pixelate > Mosaic filter to the above images, but there are some great tools out there for generating harmonious colour palettes from photographs. Check out DeGraeve’s Color Palette Generator and Big Huge Labs Palette Generator.