You’re looking at the best cup of tea I’ve had all year:

the best cup of tea i've had all year

Since moving from London to Amsterdam I haven’t been able to find loose leaf tea or teabags that make a really decent strong, dark cup of tea… but the power of the interweb has changed all that! I was thrilled when Kate over at needled agreed to do a swap – a curiosity cabinet cushion for some good strong tea. The package of tea arrived yesterday afternoon and Kate has been amazingly generous, sending not just one kind of tea but four different varieties: English breakfast, Yorkshire Tea, Lakeland Special Tea and Earl Grey, all beautifully wrapped in multicoloured tissue and ribbons.

pretty packages of tea

tea glorious tea!

I could barely contain my joy as I opened the package and the heady aroma of the teas was set free.

Kate also sent a set of her handmade fabric button badges. The colours are beautiful and subtle – I still need to figure out where to pin them to do them justice.

button badges, handmade by wazz 

The tea at the top of this post is the Lakeland Special and it is extraordinarily delicious! Thanks so much Kate – I’m looking forward to enjoying endless cups of good, strong tea as the Amsterdam Autumn sets in. 

Some pictures from Antwerp to follow… after I get over the excitement of having so much yummy tea to drink!