This is the last of the ‘above & below the earth’ / ‘cross-section’ drawings.

pen & ink, 23.7 x 31.7cm

One can get through a lot of CDs when drawing all those minuscule grains of dirt.
This drawing’s soundtrack:
Throwing Muses ‘In A Doghouse’ | Whip ‘Blues for Losers’ | Songs:Ohia ‘Didn’t It Rain’ | Angels of Light ‘How I Loved You’ | Appendix Out ‘The Rye Bears A Poison’ | Codeine ‘The White Birch’ | Arab Strap ‘The Week Never Starts Round Here’ | The God Machine ‘Scenes From the Second Storey’ | Füxa ‘Commits Suicide’ | James Blackshaw ‘Litany of Echoes’ | Bowery Electric ‘Bowery Electric’ | Fugazi ’13 Songs’ | Big Black ‘The Hammer Party’