cccb, barcelona

I first visited Barcelona way back in December 2001 and loved it… and I wasn’t disappointed on returning this past weekend for the Primavera Sound music festival. Barcelona’s charm lies in its weird, but wonderful, mix of old world grandeur, innovative modern architecture and pervasive urban decay – all punctuated by a uniquely Catalonian edge (think Gaudi, Miro, Tapies, Dali). The mix of old and new is captured perfectly in the CCCB building (Centre de Cultura Contemporània, pictured above and again further below) – clean delineated glass and steel angled just so (like a periscope) to reflect the surrounding jumble of the old city.

edifici fòrum

gaudi's parabolic arches, casa batlló

etched sandstone


cccb, barcelona

mediterranean boats

drawing room, casa batlló

staircase, casa batlló

wood and glass, casa batlló

tiled floor, casa batlló


roof, casa batlló

gaudi pavement

(even the pavements rock!) 

horse and keyhole


winged dog? graffiti

veg, merquat de la boqueria

distant sagrada familia

holy perch

eroded sandstone roses

crucifixion graffiti