Cold, grey, dampness… 

Snow over Amsterdam
(photo taken from the roof of Het Scheepvaarthuis, looking north-west)

Despite the vernal equinox, and the so-called ‘first day of spring’ (21 march in the northern hemisphere), and easter (with its springtime daffodils and new born frolicking chicks ‘n bunnies hallmark symbolism) having been & gone, and the early promise of sunshine way back in February, Amsterdam’s weather has recently been cycling through a schizophrenic grey haze of rain-hail-snow-rain-hail-snow (with intermittent short-lived splashes of watery sunshine).  All the cold, grey, dampness was becoming a little wearisome and just as I was starting to think Spring might never arrive it was delivered by the postman… in the form of a beautiful package, Spring bursting at the seams, from a friend in Japan.

The parcel was full of all sorts of springtime sakura inspired goodness, and transported me right back to cherry-blossom viewing in Kyoto a couple of years ago. There’s something very wonderful about receiving unexpected and beautiful post!

Sakura goodies

sakura inspired washi paper wrapping | sakura fragranced Japanese paper petals and stunning seasonal ‘crane in flight’ postcard | sake glasses with an etched sakura motif | exquisitely packaged (and delicious) Japanese green tea | traditional Japanese sweets, in the form of blossoms and pools of water :-)

Dōmo arigatō gozaimasu Yoko-san!