Well, the Design*Sponge DIY contest came to an end yesterday and my mural/owl came in second. Thank you to all of you who voted for it – it’s been fun participating and great to receive all your positive feedback. Thanks also to Grace at Design*Sponge for organising the contest, and to the sponsors: 2modern.com, sparkability, growmodern and readymade magazine (looking forward to receiving my first issue… for more DIY fun!).

As the prize of $450 was entirely unexpected and came about in no small part thanks to your votes I have donated half of it (£115/€146 by today’s exchange rate) to the World Wildlife Fund for conservation projects in Southern Africa (in the hope that it might go towards the preservation of endangered owl species… or any other creature in need of protection). I hope you’ll agree that this is a worthwhile cause and thank you for making the donation possible.

World Wildlife Fund

When I saw that the image used for the donation link on the WWF website was an owl I knew it was meant to be :-)