I have been side-tracked away from working on my specimens this week by the persistent call of a guardian owl for my forest.

Preliminary owl sketches and doodles…

So, I’m in the process of making a small owl painting to be hung amongst the mural’s branches. An interior mural is essentially a static thing – the concept of it being more dynamic, changeable, appeals to me. Something that can be added to or subtracted from, altered to reflect a mood, an event, the shifting seasons, the passing of time…

If the owl works out I may populate the forest with other creature paintings – bunnies for spring, a snow leopard for winter?

Preliminary owl sketches

I like the idea of this little guy watching over us as we sleep. And I’ll definitely be using GID* paint for those saucer eyes! (* Who can resist the mysterious allure of glow in the dark paint :-)

Owl painting - work in progress