Seahorse source

I have been working on a series of drawings inspired by a recent visit to Siebold House and Philipp Von Siebold’s 19th Century collection of specimens, both animal and vegetable, gathered on his travels through Japan between 1823 and 1828. 

There is something very melancholy about low-lit shelves of specimen jars filled with long dead, yet perfectly preserved, creatures. They seem to be holding their breath, collectively waiting for some unknown (and unknowable?) thing.

Specimen series… six down, at least six more to go

I intend to make six or seven more drawings before taking the project to its next step… I feel a repeat pattern design coming on.

An aside: Google image search is a wonderful thing, and for anyone who is interested, the seahorse skeleton photo (on the right edge of the top image) which I was using as source material for the seahorse drawings was found on a research page of the Western Kentucky University website. Scroll way down on this page for some incredible fish & reptile skeleton reconstructions!