I’ve been reading Victoria Finlay’s ‘Colour‘ – subtitled “Travels through the Paintbox” and described on the dust jacket as a “… quest for historical pigments and dyes around the world”. It’s full of fascinating facts, anecdotes and fables about colours and where they come from and has had me looking at everything in terms of colour. So, while doing a new year’s clean-up and archive of the photography folders on my hard-drive I was struck by the colour themes that emerged when looking at the contents of each folder in thumbnail view. For the next week I’ll be posting photographic sets of these colour themes.

Back in 1672 (and described more fully in 1704) Isaac Newton divided the visible spectrum into seven named colours: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet, and I see no reason to argue with the established order!


 A week of colours - red

(Thank you to the NarcoAgent for his contributions)