I’m sure it’s already apparent to anyone who knows me (and perhaps to anyone who might’ve read previous entries on this website) that I love to doodle. I once had a heavy object thrown at me by a school teacher for doodling while she was talking – she didn’t buy my “it helps me to focus” line. But that’s a story for a different time and place…

A BluTack® Creature

In my freelance work as a graphic designer I spend a lot of time in front of the computer. More time than I’d like. I usually have a blob of BluTack® stuck to the edge of my monitor for putting design notes, sketches, proofs etc. on the board next to my desk… but more often than not the blob takes on a life of its own. When I’m on the phone with a client, or wondering how to solve a compositional/colour/user-interface design problem, or I’m finding a corporate design project particularly soul-destroying (yes – it has been known to happen!) I’ll find myself 3D-doodling with the BluTack – the resultant creature (almost always some sort of mutant biological anomaly) will grace the corner of my monitor until the next time I need a mental/creative diversion. And when that time comes the previous creature is squished and a new one formed. Sharp pencils, the nifty ‘bas-relief‘ logos or nib-weight markings you find on the end of some pen lids, fingernails, spiral binding on notebooks and other basic stationery items I have to hand are all called into service to create textures, patterns and surface details.

BluTack® Creatures

YourDictionary online defines the verb ‘doodle’ as: To scribble aimlessly, and synonymously as: To waste time by engaging in aimless activity. I like to look at things (as Heather so rightly observed in a comment she left on a previous post) and I like to doodle – I need to take all this looking and all this doodling and turn it in to something less… aimless.

A BluTack® Creature

* Elsewhere in the world you might know a similar substance as Prestic or TickTack… or maybe something else altogether?