Pot stand 

Inspired by Heather’s great post and photos of spoons over at Skinny laMinx I’ve decided today to pay homage to the lowly ‘pot stand’… or at least to one in particular. After viewing a recent Alvar Aalto exhibition at the Barbican Gallery I couldn’t resist picking up an Aalto inspired pot stand designed by Finnish design company Majamoo (its steam bent birch and undulating form reminiscent of so much of Aalto’s wonderful furniture and architectural design).

There is something very satisfying about using a household tool that works incredibly effectively but is also beautiful to handle and to look at. The shape of the stand allows it to accommodate pots of varying sizes, and multiple stands can be nested together for larger items (like those scorchingly hot and awkwardly outsize oven dishes that there’s never enough space for so you end up burning your fingers through your less effectively designed oven gloves while you try and figure out where the hell* to put the damn* thing!).

No doubt there are hundreds (more likely thousands!) of very erudite treatise out there on the ‘form follows function’ principle and I have no intention of adding my two pennies worth. Just to say that in this pot stand the two have come together with such effortless simplicity.

Bravo for the well designed utilitarian household object!

Pot stand

* I had to give you something after the promise of that title!